Publication accepted by ATIP

When I went to Grenoble CTP to make the presentation  – kindly invited by Dr. Cochaux – I got picked by the ATIP (paper industry technical association) for publishing a complete scientific article.

First time for me !

I was quite happy and I thank my good mates Dr. Servien RémiDr. Benoît Rey-Robert  and Dr. Nicolas Hengl (and his scientific colleagues of Grenoble) who helped me to review and format my article. I also thank all the famous and less famous researchers who helped me through the way (their names are in the publication!) and one more time the CTP staff, the Axelera staff (in Lyon) who were very kind to meet me, and the team of Supercritical Fluids in Valence.

That was good fun and a real good experience to write this paper on this mixing technology. I really want to do it again.

Atip 2015 Article about MF process (pdf)


If I would resume the main advantages of this MF machine with the little experience I gain through the journey, it would be “mixing well” and “mixing wet products”.  There are still little dark points and limitation for a real industrial scale usage due the batch system, however it has some strong points as long you respect its limits. In other word, instead of a big technological breakthrough, it can be seen as an enhanced Super Mixer (like this one or this one of Kuwata).

Note: I put Mr. Morimoto as a contributor due the data provided, which I really appreciated. Unfortunately, there was no trace of evidence in some statements, so the extracts analysis was done by my own with the help of Erini Institute in Grasse in order to see if there were subcritical water activity signs.

You can use freely this publication as long you cite me as its author.