Some words about M&F Technology from Germany : Biomass, plastic and packaging

Thanks to Mr. Peter Désilets, Pacoon Manager & Packaging Designer, we have some nice words about Mr Morimoto’s technology in German !

Here to read his words : Pacoon at CTP/PTS Grenoble 2014

We hope that some companies will contact us for inquiries or testing materials. Give us a try : use the biomass for creating innovative packaging or products !

Depending on what biomass you use, you can imagine any design that can be produce by injection or extrusion molding. It can be use for food if the right materials are chosen and the rights tests are done for obtaining the good certificate. Why not imagining a packaging made of banana peels for a banana dessert ? It is up to you.

We are looking actively for potential end-users for the thermoplastic granulates (and of course, for customers for the process !).

EDIT : And we are not limited to one technology !

Feel free to contact us !