Our Approach

Hello from France or Japan ?

Our small team is composed of myself Sylvain Laugier and my partner, Yuka, my material engineer at home, who gives me a hand when I badly need it (depending on her own work !).

Since 2004 between France and Japan, I (sorry it is hard for me to write like  if I were somebody else !) know pretty much the way how things go in Japan.

My bi-cultural experience allows me to understand that doing business in Japan takes time, to move smoothly and to look for the hidden message.

With a background in business, IT and even as salesman in Japan, I can understand – most of the time – the corporate maze or the organizational limb of Japan.

Even if Yuka is my technical and scientific guarantee, my strong curiosity and my learning sense lead me to the technological path. It was quite interesting and challenging  (but really fun) to write a publication about a compounding device that got published in a technical review !  Since this journey, I gathered tech trends and news that have appealed me, through our network or directly during expositions.

What we do

As companies that I visited through Europe asked me “Do you have something else from Japan to show me ?” I felt that an information gap was here, but at the same time, they were curious about this very far country, often depicted as a temple of technology with robots at every corner – between you and me, you have more chance to encounter an obasan or old lady using an abacus than a robot !

Even if Japan is a country of contrasts, it is true that innovation is a national affair. But how to apprehend the scene of your sector when :

  • only 30% of the scientific & technological publications are published in English ?
  • corporate research leads to the patents phenomenon ?
  • multiple organizations rend things difficult to read compared to the clusters or incubators that exist elsewhere in EU or US ?
  • language is a real barrier ?
  • a possible partner or techno needs to be check but too far from your home ?

Here we can help you, thanks to our experience, business and academic network…  even if we only rely on available and legal information !

We can help you for :

  • finding business or academic partners
  • finding technology
  • finding detailed or different information about your competitors
  • technological watch/monitor
  • on field mission

Any mission can be recurrent or punctual according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us !