MF compound forming

The video below is an example how our customer in Japan is forming MF compound by extrusion molding. The compound here was processed by the MF machine, the rate is 85 % of various woods wastes + 15 % of PP.
You can see that the molding device is standard, only parameters must be adjusted for the compound. Check the speed in the video : around 1,5 Meter/min.

Here a video about forming a 85% Japanese cedar and 15% PP compound as board in a extrusion molding device.

In this video from a TV show featuring M&F Technology process (at the beginning you will see a short animation), you can see how the compound made from orange peels (50/50 PP) is formed by injection molding. A little different compound with same inputs (70/30) is also formed by extrusion and boards are installed as a terrace.