Green chemistry

According the risks of traditional chemical products used as fertilizer, booster, weedkillers and other pesticides or insect repellent, we found that the nature all around us is gifted with natural properties and components that can replace or complement traditional products. As at MFT we like sustainability and smart use of the resources, we definitely want to give a try into this field when we discover them ! So here we have green chemistry for sure ! small-trees

How are made our products?

Our products are based on plants extracts, such essential oils of cryptomeria, Japanese cypress, fir-tree, bamboos… or water extracts and some minerals (seawater, magnesium chloride…). Almost 90% of the inputs come from the region of Gifu and are by-products of the forest industry. We help forest industry by adding value to the left over woods.

How does it work?

Based on long researches and our partner knowledge, we know that Russian discovered the phytoncides. Phytoncides are allelochemic volatile organic compounds produced by the plants to defend themselves against aggression such fungi, microbes, bacteria… Those elements repel also insects and avoid rotting, but plants produce various allelochemicals components like natural herbicide and so on. In our line-up we have products that use those properties for biocontrol (fertilizer, water or sludge treatment, herbicide, insect repellent…), for controlling odors or limit bacterial and microbial activities. We design products according to a final use by try and error or R&D efforts depending the project. Sometimes we got a result that we haven’t expected ! . We are also looking for distributors in some countries, so if you are interested contact us. oils

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Which process do we use?

A clean process is dedicated to the production of plants extracts that are used in our line of products. This process, developed through a partnership with Tokyo University and our prefecture authorities, is a simple subcritical water reactor. Compared to other systems that imply subcritical water, it looks quite simple but has the ability through electronic control to be quite modular : the device can reach 900°C and 20 MPa if needed. The operating machine is an real scale prototype of 30 L that is for now far enough for production, but if we need, it can be scaled-up. For information, with 100 L we can have 10 cl (or 100 ml) in 2 hours. We also use a special impregnation technique that allow us to treat textiles, insulation materials, filters … Textiles can be washed in machine and the effect lasts at least 2 years.

Are those products already used?

Yes. Those biocontrol products are used in Japan for greenhouse agriculture (only our product is used to produce expensive and top quality fruits), for controlling odors in factories, for treating sludge and water – separate oil, limit bacterial activity, solve odor problem.

Where to find them ?

Our products can be found on However, if you want to distribute our products with your own brand or our brand, or you are a professional with large needs, please contact us. Note that we can pack liquid in bigger container for liquids (20L or tank for example).