Different possible uses of the MF machine

Even if the process was designed to provide a solution for fusing biomass-based lignocellulosic materials and binders (resins or polymers, natural or not), M&F Technology’s device has been found attractive by some partners as a way for doing something that we may have not expected at first glance ! Here two examples overlooked by a partner specialized in recycling.

MF machine to make elastomer or polymer compound without biomass

MF machine strong points are its multiple directions shearing system and its strong shearing force (2000 rpm). With biomass the shearing system leads to energy production and then to localized subcritical water action (« water clusters »). But this system provides also a final compound with a great homogeneity.

So without biomass and thanks to these shearing features, it is possible to mix elastomers, rubbers or polymers that can not usually blend easily together, in order to make a compound.

MF machine to make renewable energy

Pellets of biomass-based compounds can deliver 6000 – 6500 kcal/kg, so 5 times greater than wood pellets. It can be a way to valorize the end of life of products made from MF compounds. Of course natural binder would provide a bio-based energy source !

There are even more possibilities that can not be disclosed here, as it may lead to further cooperation for developing a new solution based on the MF process.

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