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Based on our previous adventures, and as owners of this website, we decided to pursue our activities related to green materials and chemistry.
We think that “sustainability” is one key – not the only one – for a wonderful future and a better world. We keep this website alive to propose our different services and we use the name MFT – that can be Materials & Fibers Technology, Molecules & Fragrance Technology, Mer & Forêt Technology… we have not decided yet !

For disambiguation, we are not linked anymore only with Mr. Masachika Morimoto (M&F Technolgy) but we still have a section dedicated to his technology. If you need information or are interested in this techno we still act as broker case by case.

What we like – for now – at MFT :

  • Green processes
  • Renewable resources
  • Materials
  • Non used resources or by-products
  • Smart recycling
  • Plants extracts

But all above that we love discovering new things !

We thank you all for the patience and interest you showed us in our past experience and we want to keep on with you.
Check our different projects. Sylvain & Yuka Laugier are owing this very website and we will be happy to answer to your questions. Drop us an email !